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  • Do I have to take the SimpliFLY (Level 1) /Class? What is bungee blast?
    For Bungee classes, You MUST take SimpliFLY (Level 1) before moving on to our other class options. Please note that if you have taken level 1, and then have not been back to the studio in more than 6 months, you must take another 1 level 1 class as a refresher before moving on to level 2. This eliminates skill frustration, and will aid in injury prevention. Level 2 is 3X the intensity of level 1, and you must know the basics before moving on. (Especially knee fly’s and burpees.) We do not accept drop ins. Bungee blast can be taken after level 1, and combines weights, booty bands, in the harness for a full body blast. This class is 45 mins long.
  • How long are classes?
    Classes are 1 hour from start to finish. The first 15 mins of your class are dedicated to sign in, weighing, hooking up bungees and safety. Actual bungee time is 45 mins for level 1. We jump right to it in level 2-3!
  • How old do I need to be?
    Currently you must be 13 and up to sign up, and everyone must fill out a waiver/ Health form. You will be prompted with a waiver when you sign up for your class, but you will also need to fill out a hard copy at the studio. (Always consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise class/routine) We do not allow spectators in the studio. In order to keep our clients comfortable we ask that you leave your children, friends and other associates at home.
  • How large are classes?
    10-13 people is the max amount per class. This is to keep everyone safe, and give proper space between clients. If you want to book a full group, send an email to and we can block a time slot for you! Private groups can hold 13 participants max. For more on this, open the private bungee class tab.
  • How much do classes cost?
    New clients can earn a BOGO class for $30. Classes are 1 hour long, 15 mins of hook up/safety and 45 mins of bungee. You can save money on classes by purchasing bundles (located on our pricing tab). You must register yourself with OR the mindbody app. Then you are able to search “Fly Bungee Fitness”, and select “online store” for the current price list. All sales are final. Additionally, everyone must register, and pay for themselves. This reduces the chance of double booking. Since we only allow 10-13 people in a class, everyone must be on the class list. If you are purchasing for someone 13-17, they must have their own account, you are able to purchase passes with your credit card, under their account. Please do not purchase for other people, unless on their account. A NO CALL/ NO SHOW TO CLASS WILL RESULT IN LOSING YOU CLASS & A $20 FEE. NO EXCEPTIONS! LATE CANCELS (Within 4 hours of class) WILL RESULT IN LOSING YOUR CLASS. Direct link to pricing:
  • What should I know before my first class? Are there restrictions? *IMPORTANT*
    While Bungee Fitness allows for up to a 70% impact reduction, we are still teaching high energy classes. Having said that, if you struggle to run for more than a few minutes, or cannot do a burpee or push up, you may find this work out challenging. With that being said, we do have to enforce a weight limit. Due to equipment regulations, You MUST weigh at least 90 pounds, and you must NOT weigh more than 240 pounds. You will be weighed privately, in order to customize your bungee station. You must be 13 years old, and have a parent signed waiver. If you are pregnant, you are unable to take these classes. If you have had any recent surgeries, or have any major health concerns, we strongly recommend you speaking to your doctor before signing up for a class. You must fill out your waiver and health summary before you are able to participate. Each client is weighed privately, and helped to their station. Be sure to eat a few hours before, and use the restroom because we do not stop for breaks 🙂 Ladies will want to wear leggings, a sportive bra and tie your hair up in a bun or braid. You can even wear shorts on top of your leggings for more support. We do suggest not wearing shorts, or crop tops. We do offer foam padding for legs and stomach area for optimal comfort. We recommend bringing a water bottle and a sweat towel. Men, we suggest sweat pants for you! Park in the back lot, and enter though the back door. The doors remain locked at up until 10 mins prior to class time. Don’t be late! Doors will lock at once class time begins and you will NOT be able to join class late to keep our clients and staff safe. The weighing/hookup process being AT CLASS TIME LISTED. Classes are an hour long, the first 15 minutes are dedicated to set up, and safety procedures. Actual bungee time is 45 mins long. If you show up at 8:15 for your 8:00 class, you will not be allowed in. Children under 12 are not permitted in the studio, and please, no spectators in class. We want our clients to feel comfortable. If the door is locked, that means we are still in class. Please be patient, once we are off the bungees we will unlock that door for the next class. If you need to cancel, you must cancel through the mindbody website or app. If you cancel less than 4 hours before your class time, you will NOT be refunded, or credited. We know life happens, so if there is an emergency, please contact the studio. Thanks for your understanding!
  • What does it mean when it says "Waitlist"?
    If a class says “waitlist” next to it, that means the class is currently full. If you select waitlist, mindbody will charge you. If someone drops the class during the day, you will be added to the class. If you are not added, you will receive a pass back to use for another class. You are not guaranteed to make it in the class if you add yourself to the waitlist, but there is a good chance. This is why email/text opt in is very important when registering, because you will receive a text/email to let you know that you’ve made it in the class. If you do not opt in, it will be up to you to pay attention to the class you’re waitlisted for to see if you’ve been bumped in. *IF THERE IS NOT A BUTTON TO CLICK NEXT TO A CLASS, THIS MEANS THE CLASS AND THE WAITLIST ARE FULL.
  • Can I book a private bungee session?
    Want to fly high with a group of your closest friends/family? These sessions are offered on Saturdays at 3pm and can accommodate up to 13 people, that fall in line with our restrictions. We can occasionally accommodate 9am or 11:30am classes on Saturdays with warning. We have an hourly minimum of $200, which can accommodate 7 guests. Any more than that is $28 per/person, up to 13 guests. We require pre-payment to hold your slot, and 72 hours is required for 50% refund, 7 days required for full refund. One person will be responsible for paying for the group, and the participants will pay the spot holder back. Book your private group for your next party, bachelorette party, GNO or team building event! Please note, private bungee classes work the same way as level 1 classes. We want you to have fun, but it will be a workout! We have rules and guidelines that we must follow to keep everyone safe! We suggest wearing leggings, a high impact sports bra, and please bring water! Be prepared to sweat! Contact studio for booking:
  • I'm interested in opening a studio. How can I learn more?
    We offer certifications/ Licenses and Equipment at Fly Bungee. Please send us an email to learn more. (We are a non-franchise studio.) Visit the "Open a studio tab" to learn more!
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